Data mining is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that is widely used to derive interesting patterns from a large volume of medical data. By making some mathematical approaches, data mining models extract patterns from data and later these patterns are used for the survival of patients.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is one of the deadliest diseases that slowly damages the human kidney. The disease remains undetected in its early stage and the patients can only realize the severity of the disease when it gets advanced. Hence, detecting such a disease at an earlier stage is a key challenge now.


You know it does not take a huge amount of skill and knowledge to write code and make it work. Yeah, that’s right. Nowadays, a kid from high school can do it. Though the code they write might not be pretty, it damn works 💯! BUT getting software right is much harder than making code right. Because it requires some high-level knowledge and skills that most kids and young programmers don’t have. That's the thing that makes the difference between a senior and a junior developer.

This article is the second part of How to be A Pragmatic Programmer. The first part is here: How to be A Pragmatic Programmer: Part One (1).

This second part is solely responsible for Debugging. I am super excited to share my thoughts with you, Guys! Let’s jump into it.

So if you are a programmer or developer, you must have heard that “your code is not working, it has bugs!”. And then you got angry and you supposed to make a plan to kill that man who told you that. But calm down, Pal! Before killing and going to jail, you should be doing a lil bit of debugging and kill that buggy issue.

So let’s be formal. …

Hey, hope you are doing good.

in backend there you might have a .env file which will contain the BACKEND_URL=''

Here is the verify_email.html file:

Part one: How GraphQl solves the problem of REST API

As a Full-stack developer, I believe no tool is perfectly better than others. Everything has flaws. Take REST API as an example. Though REST API is popularly used API standards, it has one known problem.

Before jumping into the problem, I am going to discuss some introductory terms.


API is the short form of Application Program Interface, which means the way of interaction between programs. Developers develop API on server side so that other applications can requests data through this API.


REST is the short form of REpresentational State Transfer. It is a set of rules to create API. …

Who is a Pragmatic Programmer! In short, it is something every programmer/developer wants to be. So I will not define it in one sentence. Instead, I will demonstrate how you can be a pragmatic programmer, by describing the characteristics of A Pragmatic Programmer.

➭ Take Responsibility

For a long time, I have been planning to write on Robert’s principles which are widely popular in software development. This article is going to have a gist of the Acyclic Dependencies Principle (ADP) of the Development Process.

Let’s start with a short story of a developer Rahim.

Today Rahim is happy because he has completed his functional module successfully. Also, the module has passed all the test cases. So he goes to his bed with a cheerful mind and thoughts. Unfortunately, the next morning when Rahim runs his code, the module is not working anymore!

If you face this…

If you are here I assume you are interested in doing fun with web scraping. Great! In general, Web Scraping is a way of extracting information from websites automatically.

How this post can help you? I’ve found two reasons (there may be many more) for you to go through this post.
1) You are very much excited about scrapping
2) You may get help from my tutorial for your project

Right now I am working on an application (similar to Reddit and TopBuzz), its one of the core tasks is scrapping articles, videos from listed websites. Last day, I developed…

If you ever used OTP gateway of Facebook Account Kit, you already know that Facebook shut down this service. It is sad news for all developers. Because we were getting this flawless service for free. In September 2019 Facebook announced this,

During that time, our client of Esho Sikhi wants us to develop the same OTP mechanism. I was thinking about how can I design such a system!! Then I realized before starting to make this, I should know how the OTP system of Facebook Account Kit works. …

$$ Introduction

Blockchain is a way of implementing a distributed database. Wait, what is a distributed database? 🤔 Wiki says,

A distributed database is a database in which not all storage devices are attached to a common processor. It may be stored in multiple computers, located in the same physical location; or may be dispersed over a network of interconnected computers.

So in Blockchain, a group of individuals controls a chain of blocks as a distributed database to store and share information. These independent users maintain data integrity without any central control. Nobody owns the Blockchain. This fact makes Blockchain so popular.

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